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Howden XRV 163-204 Normal Operation


The Howden XRV screw compressor operates on a mixture of oil and gas. Short shutdown periods do not have a negative impact on the device.

If the compressor is switched off for a long time, close the suction side valve and the discharge valve.

Rotate the compressor drive shaft by hand several times every week. This will help avoid brinelling the anti-friction bearings.

If the shutdown period is three months or more, you should continue the above procedure; in addition, you must turn on the compressor unit for one hour every three months.

During the shutdown period in cold conditions, all elements of the water-cooled system should be emptied or the cooling water flow should be maintained to avoid frost damage.

It is allowed to use suitable anticorrosive oils in the Howden screw compressor before shutdown for a long time.

If you are not sure whether any anticorrosive oils are compatible with the gas you are using or existing lubricating oil, contact the manufacturer or dealer.