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Howden XRV 163-204 Compressor

The Howden XRV 163-204 compressor is designed for long-term, reliable operation with minimal maintenance.

It is recommended that all Howden compressor units be inspected annually. Some installations may require an annual statutory insurance study.

The purpose of the annual inspection is to check for significant wear on the support and thrust bearings, discharge drums and seals and (if wear is detected) to renew these components.

However, major repairs are unlikely to be required before about four years of operation. After this period, all bearings should be replaced. The bearings may still be operational, but all bearings have a final life span, and replacement at this point can prevent expensive compressor failure later.

During the inspection or repair of the compressor, it must be dismantled in a clean area. Absolute cleanliness is essential for uptime.

Tighten the fasteners to the appropriate torque using proper wrenches.

All spring washers and o-rings should be replaced when reassembled.

Special tools can be supplied to facilitate the disassembly and reassembly of the compressor. For more details, please call