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Our company operates in the field of industrial refrigeration and specializes in the supply of spare parts, components, maintenance and repair of industrial refrigeration equipment, units, refrigeration compressors and chillers.
We work with leading global manufacturers (Gea Grasso, MYCOM, Howden, Gram, Sabroe, YORK, Frick, Johnson Controls, STAL Refrigeration, Danfoss).

Special attention is paid to the quality of order fulfillment.

We guarantee all maintenance and repair of refrigeration compressors and control automation, as well as spare parts supplied for them.

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All our employees have specialized education and many years of experience in the field of industrial refrigeration.
Maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment is carried out with original special tools from unit manufacturers.

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Established relations with suppliers of spare parts and components and well-developed logistics schemes allow us to fulfill orders for the supply of spare parts on time, and the professionalism and experience of our engineers allow us to carry out repairs and maintenance work as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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If you do not find your compressor in our catalog, this does not mean that we will not be able to supply spare parts for it.

Ask for the information you are interested in regarding spare parts and components, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Refrigeration compressor repair documentation

XRV127 Compressor Description

The Howden XRV 127 oil-injected compressor is a volumetric rotary unit filled with oil with controlled power. Compressors from the XRV range are able to change the liquid coefficient by changing the size of the exhaust channel. This is done by installing a screw to obtain the desired ratio between 2. 6:1 and 5. 0:1. Clockwise for Vi = 2.6, counterclockwise for Vi = 5.0. Compression is achieved by combining two screw rotors on parallel shafts installed in the crankcase. Properly machined screw rotors are called “dad” and “mom”. The “dad” (leading) rotor has four cams that... Read the full article

Description of XRV163-204 compressors

Howden XRV 163-204 compressors are designed for long-term, reliable operation with minimal maintenance. It is recommended that all Howden compressor units be inspected annually. Some installations may require an annual statutory insurance study. The purpose of the annual inspection is to check for significant wear on the support and thrust bearings, discharge drums and seals and (if wear is detected)... Read the full article

Description of WRV and WRVi compressors

... Pressurized oil at the outlet is removed from the tank by an oil pump, passes through the radiator and fine filters to the manifold, where it is supplied to bearings, the discharge drum, the shaft seal, the compression chamber and the hydraulic drive. When using liquid refrigerant injection, the oil cooler is not used. The differential pressure reducing valve installed in the system in front of the filters maintains the manifold pressure in the range of 30 lbf per square meter (2 kg/cmi) for standard compressor units and 40 lbf per square meter (2.7 kg/cmi) for compressor units of type 'H'... Read the full article

XRV127 compressor operation

1. Check the oil level in the tank.
2. Check that all required gas, oil and water valves are open.
3. Check that the power control valve is fully unloaded and that the Vi liquid factor screw is installed. Clockwise for 2.6. Counterclockwise for 5.0.
4. Start the drive element and check that all sensors have normal readings...Read the full article

Operation of XRV163-204 compressors

The Howden XRV screw compressor operates on a mixture of oil and gas. Short shutdown periods do not have a negative impact on the device. If the compressor is switched off for a long time, close the suction side valve and the discharge valve. Rotate the compressor drive shaft by hand several times every week. This will help avoid brinelling the anti-friction bearings. If the shutdown period is three months or more, you should continue the above procedure; in addition, you must turn on the compressor unit for one hour every three months... Read the full article

Operation of WRV and WRVi compressors

1. Stop the drive element.
2. After the compressor is stopped, the control system should be used to move the spool to the discharge position until the control system does so automatically.
3. After the compressor stops rotating, stop the lubricating oil pump motor.
4. Close all gas and water shut-off valves.
The compressor is now ready for the next starting action... Read the full article

XRV127 compressor repair, disassembly

Safety precautions should be taken before disassembling the compressor.
1. Isolate the drive element.
2. Lower the pressure and purge the system.
3. Disconnect the drive element clutch from the compressor.
4. Place the vessel under the exhaust end of the compressor to capture oil that may spill out of the hydraulic cylinder when the cylinder cover is removed or the crankcases are separated.
5. Check the reliability and performance of all lifting equipment, i.e. eye bolts, belts and clamps... Read the full article

XRV127 compressor repair, assembly part 1

1. Apply a protective film to the shaft sealing area.
2. Heat both angular contact bearings on a suitable induction heater to 80°C to 90°C and apply an anti-shock agent to the intake shaft (Figure 74).
3. Place the bearings on the intake shaft liner. Based on the assembly drawing, check that they are located with the back walls to each other (Figure 75).
4. Using the XR12009J pre-loaded bearing assembly tool, check that the bearings have fully occupied their space near the intake shaft liner... Read the full article

XRV127 compressor repair, assembly part 2

Rotor “mom”
10. When the “mother” bearing spacer is installed, lubricate the “mother” rotor and carefully place it in the main crankcase. (Figure 115) Use the intermediate bearing to check that the floating bushing remains in place. (Figure 116)
Rotor “dad”
11. When the “male” bearing spacer is installed, lubricate and turn the “male” rotor to align with the “female” rotor (Figure 117), making sure that the serial numbers of the rotors match. Use an intermediate bearing to check that the floating “dad” bushing remains in place... Read the full article

WRV163 compressor repair

Disassembly and reassembly notes:
The method of disassembly and assembly varies slightly between the WRV163 compressor and the WRV204, WRVi255 and WRVi321 compressors due to design differences. It is therefore important to use the right procedure according to the size of the compressor.
You should always refer to the sectional layout that is supplied.
Use only appropriate lock nut wrenches to avoid damaging their slots.
Special tools can be supplied on request to speed up assembly and disassembly... Read the full article

XRV163-204 compressor repair, disassembly

Remember that the compressor spool is under spring load, and to avoid injury, the operator should check that the spring is not tensioned before disassembling. This can be done by checking that the spool is fully loaded (the drum must be in the limit position relative to the outlet) and the minimum value for adjusting the liquid coefficient. (The Vi adjusting screw should be turned clockwise to the limit).
1. Place the vessel under the crankcase at the inlet end, remove the hexagonal plug from the bottom of the crankcase at the inlet end, and drain off the oil. (Fig.1)
2. Unscrew the three mounting screws securing the microswitch cover and remove... Read the full article

XRV163-204 compressor repair, assembly

When reassembling, do the following:
1. Reassemble the compressor in a clean area. (Check that the required outer bearing ring has been found for installation in the crankcase).
2. Always refer to the relevant drawing.
3. Always replace consumables when reassembling.
4. Always store replacement parts in their protective packaging until they are needed... Read the full article

WRV204-255-321 compressor repair

Although annual inspection and maintenance are recommended when condition monitoring equipment is not available, it is important to carry out major repairs after about 4 years of operation of the compressor or earlier, depending on local conditions.
To overhaul the compressor, do the following:
1. If necessary, isolate, reduce pressure, and empty the system.
2. Disconnect the drive and driven coupling halves.
3. Disconnect all gas and oil pipes attached to the compressor.
4. Remove the BSP conical plug, the size of a “or 1", from the bottom of the intake cover, assemble... Read the full article